The VeRoLog Solver Challenge 2019 revolves around an exciting routing problem which combines distribution and subsequent installation of equipment, such as vending machines. We challenge you to use your creativity, problem solving and programming skills to find the cheapest solution.

Please click here for detailed information about the challenge, including the problem description, official rules and awards. The timeline below shows the important dates.

Finalists announcement

After having validated and processed all the submitted solvers, we are pleased to announce the finalists of the restricted resources challenge. The following teams -in alphabetic order- have reached the final:

COKA coders
TCS explorer
Congratulations to all finalists! The final results of the restricted resources challenge will be announced -and the prizes will be awarded- during the gala dinner of the VeRoLog meeting in Seville on 4 June https://verolog2019.sciencesconf.org.

Special thanks

ORTEC and VeRoLog acknowledge the support of FICO, GUROBI and IBM for providing licenses of their solvers Xpress, GUROBI and CPLEX respectively! This allows ORTEC to make use of these solvers in the finals, and therefore your programs may call on any of these solvers.

May you require a personal license for the sake of developing your programs for the challenge, please note that these companies implement academic initiatives, see:

Those that participate in the challenge and want to use any of these solvers but are not eligible within the corresponding academic initiatives, may contact respectively:

  • FICO: Timo Berthold (TimoBerthold@fico.com)
  • GUROBI: Frédéric Baumann (baumann@gurobi.com)
  • IBM: Sofiane Oussedik (soussedik@fr.ibm.com)


The VeRoLog Solver Challenge (VSC) is aimed at promoting the development of effective algorithms for real-world applications in Vehicle Routing. The problem subject of the challenge is selected by VeRoLog in collaboration with a company. PTV organized the first and second editions of the VSC in 2014 and 2015, respectively. The third edition, held in 2017, was organized by ORTEC; see https://verolog2017.ortec.com/ for more information.